Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wine Bag done!

I got the wine bag finished tonight but it sure took awhile.  My sewing machine kept tearing the thread above where it goes into the eye of the needle, so I kept having to start over.  It also kept skipping the bottom thread so the one stitch would be longer than the others it that makes any sense!  I unfortunately do not know the exact sewing termnology.  I guess if I'm going to continue to sew maybe I should invest in a new sewing machine but we'll see!  As of now I really enjoy making things myself especially when they turn out!  Now for the pictures!

Finished draw string wine bag!
The inside has a coordinating fabric!
Ready for the cruise!
Next is to make a beach bag the same way with the same fabric, keep your fingers crossed folks with my crazy sewing machine and limited skill I need the help!

Bye Y'all! 

So Pretty!

Last night was class number 2 of the Wilton Fondant and Gum Paste Methods class.  This class required a square cake, which I've never done.  It didn't start out too great,  my bake even strips wouldn't fit around the pan so my corners got to done.  I especially noticed that when I ate it this morning.  Anyway!  When we got to class we needed to have two loops made like last week cause we were making a flat bow with streamers and ribbon on the top of the cake. 

Covering a square cake with Fondant wasn't all that fun.  My corners did not want to cooperate and I was glad to see we got the opportunity to make and use a border.  We covered the cake first and then we made 2 5"x1" stips and cut a "v" at the bottom for the streamers.  Then we had to make the ribbon that would wrap around the cake one way and then the connecting ribbon that wrapped the other way.  In case you don't know you use a Gum Paste glue to make your fondant pieces stick to your fondant cake.  You can use water but this dries faster.

1/4 teaspoon Gum Paste
1 tablespoon water

Break the Gum Paste into small bits and pour the water over, let it sit for an hour.

Once we got the ribbon on the cake we took the already cut streamers and placed them on and glued them down.  Then I used paper towels underneath the streamers to give them some shape until the dried.  For the center of the bow you make a 1"x3" strip and pinch then ends like you would if you were making loops.  You position the loops on the cake and clue them down and then position the center piece and tuck it around so you cannot see the pinched ends.

To make the border we used some of Wiltons, silicone molds.  You just fill the designe you want with the fondant and pop it out and glue it to the cake.  Just like magic!

Silicone mild
I think this is probably the prettiest cake I've made so far.

We also made our first Fondant rose in this class.  You use a cutter and make 3 individual flowers then slit the petals and use the ball tool to make them curl and glue them together.  Actually there is more too it but it's too complicated to tell without pictures of each step so I'll just show you the finished product.

Next week in the cake class is all about flowers, we will be making 5 different ones and one bonus flower that our instructor Sandy did on a wedding cake for the weekend.  The final cake we have to make is of our own design.  Anything we want to make I'm excited to see if what I have in my head actually works out on the cake.  We'll see!

Bye Y'all!


Cake Class #3 is well under way!

Ok I'll admit I've been slacking!  We've already had our second class in the Gum Paste and Fondant Wilton Method class.  Momma, Amy, and I are all doing fabulous so far!  We'll get to that in a minute.

Momma and I are going on a cruise!!!!  It is 27 days away and I can hardly contain myself!  This will be my first cruise and her second just 4 days and one port in Cozumel.  On the day we are in Cozumel our excursion consists of a dolphin encounter, you get to swim with them and one will pull your through the water, I'm so excited I'm bouncing in my chair as I type this.  My previous sewing project was supposed to be a tote bag that we could use to take our stuff to the pool in.  Being that it ended up more along the size of a purse than a tote I'll be passing that off to my niece Justice for her to play dress up with.  I scoured the Internet to find a new bag to try, actually not really, my wonderful friend Teresa found this site and sent it to me there are a ton of cute sewing projects on this website. 

I found an adorable drawstring bag that I decided to make.  The pattern can be found here at Sew for Home  It is actually to make a bag to put a bottle of wine in but you can make it bigger and use it as a beach bag.  I also decided to make one of the wine bags cause we can each take a bottle of wine on the boat!  So far I'm almost done with the wine bag, I'm just so slow and don't have a ton of free time.  Once I get them finished I'll post some pictures.

Ok so on to class one of the last Wilton Methods class.  This class is using fondant and gum paste.  I haven't had much experience with using either of these so I was excited to start this class.  We had to bring a two tiered cake covered with a crumb coat of butter cream and while in class roll out and cover it with fondant.  One thing I'm not good at is rolling out fondant or dough for that matter into a circle.  That was an experience getting it smoothed down with no wrinkles and not putting my fingers through it.  Once it was all said and done it looked pretty good.  One thing I didn't realize is the fondant won't hid all the imperfections in your buttercream so it is best to smooth out the buttercream before you put on the fondant!  Dually noted!!

The bow was pretty easy to make but I didn't have a real clear picture in my head and should have made more loops to make a fuller bow.  You just roll out our fondant and use this adjustable cutting tool that cuts 1 inch  (or whatever you make it cut) strips. Then you cut the strips into 5 inch pieces.  So my bow had 16 5 inch by 1 inch strips, folded over and pinch the ends.  In order for the fondant to keep its shape it has to dry before you place it on the cake and you can use paper towels or something else to help it keeps its shape until it is completely dry.  Once you are ready you just use some candy melts as clue and place the loops together.

To get the lines in the ribbon we used a texture thing like below.  You can find them at Michale's, you just lay them on your fondant and use the roller to go over the make the impression.  So easy. 

Texture mat
This particular cake I used Duff's Fondant this particular brand of fondant is to soft to use to make things with but it tastes sooooo good, its actually more like a rolled buttercream than a fondant.


Bye Y'all!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sew Busy continued...

I finally got back to it and finished my first sewing project!  The picture on the blog Me Sew Crazy where I got the pattern looks bigger than what I ended up with but it will still hold something if I put it in there so I'm ok with that, at least I think it will I haven't tried it yet!  So when my back couldn't take it anymore and I stopped last time I had the two sides internal and external sewn together.

Tonight I had to whip stitch the 3 inch hole at the bottom to close it up do an edge stitch around the whole bag.  If you don't look to close the edge stitch looks good!  Lastly I had to make a knot in the middle and sew it together.

One side edge stitched and knot stitched together.  Doogie checking it out!

Once both sides were done I had to lay the outside edges together and sew it around the edges and turn it inside out.

Ready to turn inside out!  I'm scared

It looks good!  Just don't get to close!
I took it upon myself to make pockets on the inside!  I think this would be perfect if I could sew a straight line!  Maybe in time!


Bye Y'all!