Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sew Busy continued...

I finally got back to it and finished my first sewing project!  The picture on the blog Me Sew Crazy where I got the pattern looks bigger than what I ended up with but it will still hold something if I put it in there so I'm ok with that, at least I think it will I haven't tried it yet!  So when my back couldn't take it anymore and I stopped last time I had the two sides internal and external sewn together.

Tonight I had to whip stitch the 3 inch hole at the bottom to close it up do an edge stitch around the whole bag.  If you don't look to close the edge stitch looks good!  Lastly I had to make a knot in the middle and sew it together.

One side edge stitched and knot stitched together.  Doogie checking it out!

Once both sides were done I had to lay the outside edges together and sew it around the edges and turn it inside out.

Ready to turn inside out!  I'm scared

It looks good!  Just don't get to close!
I took it upon myself to make pockets on the inside!  I think this would be perfect if I could sew a straight line!  Maybe in time!


Bye Y'all!



Looks great! I love the fabric!
Thinking about you and sewing, reminded me of that homeroom arts and crafts class, we had like in 7th grade, that was a total joke. The teacher was really crazy. Remember her? She never let us use the sewing machine and finished our bags herself. lol I do remember we hand sewed an Awesome polyester patchwork pillow. lol


Jackie I do remember her! I think we did do pretty awesome back then! Did we make some sort of braided fabric baskets for Easter too? Where we braided the fabric and then hand sewed the strips together? That may have been something I did on my own.

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