Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sew Busy!

A few posts back I showcased my "new" 1940 something Domestic Rotary Series 153 sewing machine.  Once I finally found and printed out a manual I realized I didn't have a bobbin case.  So I started doing some research and I found one online for $59.95 which really hurt my feelings since I paid $50.00 for the whole machine!  Across the highway from me is Jim's Sewing and Vacuum so I went over there and he had two bobbin cases and would have sold them to me for $5.00 but neither one had a tension spring and he couldn't find one that fit.  So out of the kindness of his heart he gave me one and wished me luck in finding a tension spring.  I didn't have any luck but I did call Vickery's Sewing in Marianna and first me mailed me the wrong case and then I sent that one back with my correct one and he found a tension spring that worked!!!  So tonight I started my first sewing project I found it on the Blog Me Sew Crazy.  It's a Knot Tote!  Here is a link to the tutorial

First I printed the pattern Jessica provided and taped it together.  I folded the fabric over and traced the pattern onto the fabric.

Then I cut out the interior and exterior fabric

I even went a step further and added pockets!


I pined the pieces together and ran it through the sewing machine.  I'm really slow so you can only see one half tonight.  Plus my back is killing me, I'm too old to be bending over a sewing machine all night!

It took me 4 hours to get to this point!  Daphne and the new foster dog Doogie Bowser, D.O.G. are crashed on the couch.  Doogie is currently crashed in my lap helping me update this!  I think we are going to go to bed!

Foster Doogie and my old girl Daphne in the back!
Bye Y'all!


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