Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Hate Flowers at Least Ones Made of Icing!

Class 2 of the second Wilton Methods class Momma, Amy, and I are in is fast approaching, actually it's tomorrow night.  This class is Flowers and Cake Design using Royal icing rather than buttercream.  I just thought I didn't like buttercream, I really don't like royal icing!  It is extremely easy to make but will crust over in a heartbeat, so you have to keep it in air tight containers and cover your icing tips when you aren't making something.

In the last class we tried or should I say I tried, Momma and Amy did good, to make Apple Blossoms, Violets, and Primrose.  I think my issue is that I can't do all the things required to make a flower at the same time.  I can {and I just checked to make sure} pat my head and rub my belly at the same time but I cannot turn the flower nail and move the icing bag and squeeze it independently of each other to make a flower.  This apparently requires an amount of coordination that I do not have, and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to acquire it!  I tried to practice for just a few minutes on Saturday and I got p'd off and quit.  I think my other issue is hand strength at least I can work on that, the coordination part I might just be completely screwed on!   In order for the flowers to have the shape they need to look like real flowers, the icing has to be stiff and when it is stiff it is hard to squeeze out of the end a tiny tip.  So if anyone has some suggestions for some exercises for hand strength let me know.  If I can't figure it out I guess I can always call my bakery the "No Flower Bakery" and never decorate anything with flowers!

This weeks class we are supposed to make a Rose, Lilly, and a Daffodil we'll see what happens!

Bye y'all!


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