Friday, July 8, 2011

Busy busy busy!

Hey it's me again!  I've been so busy since my last post.  So I'm going to do like 3 posts so they aren't so long and drawn out!  We all know how I can drag out a story!  This actually goes with my last post I saw this in an email from Divine Caroline, I so want this bathing suit!!!  It's called Beach Blanket Bingo, so cute!

Back to the current post...the last Wednesday in June was the last class in the Wilton Cake Decoration Basic Methods class.  As I said on the last post our mission was to bring an iced cake and make ribbon roses in class.  I already knew my buttercream wasn't of the right consistency so it wasn't going to work out.  Out of desperation and a little perfectionism I sent an email to a blogger named Amanda who blogs I Am Baker (her link is over there on the left hand side) she does some awesome cakes.  I asked her if she had any tips for making a consistent buttercream.  I felt a little better when she came back and told me that inconsistent buttercream is the norm, it never comes out the same way twice.  So that helped but it took a ton of our teacher Sandy's gel paste in my buttercream icing for it to make somewhat decent ribbon roses.

This class Amy took the show, Momma and I were having a hard time with our icing and the roses weren't coming out just right.  I will say I didn't cheat like some people {Amy} and use Hershey kisses as my roses center, just sayin'!  Amy was all excited about how her cake turned out she got all crazy with vines and leaves on the cake, well good for her.  I'll post some pictures in a little bit!  Their won't be one of Momma's cake cause she wouldn't let me take a picture.  I didn't think it looked that bad but oh well. 

Bye y'all!


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