Thursday, September 1, 2011

Who's ready for some football!?!

Last night we had our final forever cake class, actually until next February I've heard Wilton is bringing out a 4th class that is Advanced Gum Paste and Fondant Flowers.  I'll being taking that one too.

Anyway last nights cake was a cake of our own design we had no restrictions not requirements.  Being this coming weekend is the opening of my favorite time of year College Football Season I chose to do an Alabama Cake, can I get a ROLL TIDE!!!

The idea in my head didn't actually work out like I wanted it to but what I wanted to do was a 2 layered cake with a cake football coming out of the center of it.  In order to make the cake football I decided I'd bake a cake in a loaf pan and trim it down.  That might have worked but the cake fell in the center.  Since it was still a few days early I froze the loaf of cake until the next day where I shaped it into a football while it was still frozen using cake shavings to fill in the holes.  That worked fine until when I was ready to put the cakes together (Tuesday night before I had to be in class on Wednesday) and it had thawed out it fell apart.  So since I had already color my fondant brown I just shaped the fondant into a football to place on top of the cake.  It turned out pretty good.

I designed my cake after my favorite cake carrier that I got from my Aunt Jan one year for Christmas.  It's your standard $10 cake carrier from Target and some creative person put vinyl stickers on it, and old insignia Alabama sticker and then dots of different sizes in crimson, black, and grey.  Absolute genius!  It colored my fondant black, grey, and made a pretty good crimson (I'll probably never be able to do it again!) cut out 3 different size circles using cookie cutters and laid them aside to dry.  I used the grey to make two elephants to place on the sides as well.  When all was said and done I think it turned out pretty cute!

Elephant parts!

Roll Tide Y'all!


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