Wednesday, February 1, 2012

November sure got here quick

I wouldn't normally complain about November coming around because it's my birthday month and I like getting presents but since 2010 when I turned shhh {whispers} the big 3 0 they are not so much fun anymore.  From this point on there is nothing to look forward too, I'm completely legal, I got my car insurance discount, now I'm just getting old!  Of course 30 or as it is now 31 is not near as old as I thought it was back in my teen years.  Gosh 31 seemed like ages away and now when you look back it really didn't take that long to get here.  But I digress...

November was pretty busy I started running about 29 (better late than never, right?) and in November I ran my first 5K, the Wild Hog Jog, over the Hathaway Bridge and back.  Which if you live here in PC, you know the bridge is pretty steep both ways.  I personally have never ran the bridge and had a sinus infection on that day.  With all that said I still did awesome I came in 41 of 53, and 1st in my age group of 30-34 with a time of 38.11 seconds, of course there were only  3 people in my age group including me but I was 1st!

This year it seemed like the Black Friday deals were starting before Thanksgiving and lasting well after, which was good for me!  I was currently sewing on a 1943 Domestic Series 153 and thought since I liked sewing maybe I'd buy a newer machine.  Amazon just happened to have a great deal for me, a Brother cs6000i with 60 programmable stitches, hard cover, all kinds off foots, extension table etc for a great price of $154.00.  That was too hard to pass up so I got one in the end of November.  Let me tell you that thing is awesome it makes sewing so easy, you literaly have to push a button to start and stop it, no more foot peddle!
Isn't she pretty!
I went out to to grab a picture for y'all and they still have the machine for $159.00.  It really was great deal!

Bye Y'all!


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