Saturday, June 11, 2011

I hope my apron has super powers!

Whew, what a week I have coming up! I donned my apron for several hours today trying to get a jump start on my baking for the week.  Last week Momma, Amy, and I started the Wilton Cake Decorating classes, I figured, I can make it taste good now maybe I can make it pretty too!  The point of last weeks class was to ice the cake with thin consistency buttercream and make it smooth like fondant, well Momma kicked our butts, her cake turned out great and both Amy and I had our icing too thin and it wouldn’t stay on our cakes.  So this week challenge number 1 is bring to class a cake with buttercream icing that is smooth (fingers crossed)!  I baked my Duncan Hines Orange Supreme cake (I know I usually do from scratch but the class is about the decorating not the cake) today for class using some of the techniques we learned in the first night of class.  I honestly think it’s too pretty to ice, the pan release stuff helped the cake fall out of the pan and the bake even strips helped it not to all crispy and dry on the edges, I’m so excited! 
My Orange Supreme Cake!  Look how pretty!

I wrapped it up and put it in the freezer because challenge number 2 this week is to host Bunko on Thursday, which means dinner, dessert, and drinks for 12 ladies!  The menu for the night is grilled fish with a lemon butter sauce, pasta salad, Piña Colada and Margarita mini cupcakes and to drink Pineapple Chillers.  I just love to host a party!  In order to try to get ahead of the game I decided to bake the cupcakes and freeze them.  I started with the Piña Colada, boy did that batter taste good as did the finished product!  Unfortunately that’s as far as I got, by the time they were out of the oven it was time to hang up the apron and put on the bikini!  I headed to Momma and Daddy’s to hang around the pool to celebrate Daddy’s birthday!  By the time I got home I wasn’t interested in making the Margarita one’s, I’ll save those for tomorrow.  I’ll post some pictures when they are complete!

Bye y'all!



Woo hoo! I'm the first to comment! Everything sounds yummy! I need to email you. I've had a busy summer already. I will put your blog on my Google Reader.
Love ya

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