Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm still alive...for the most part!

Quick recap of the day's between now and last time I found a minute to sit down and type out my thoughts! 

I made it through Bunko without a hitch, dinner was good, cupcakes were good, but I wasn't happy with them, I am my own worst critic.  They felt to sticky on top and the ones I froze in the tauperware container didn't keep their shape.  They ate just fine apparently!  The pool was a little chilly but still felt great!

I apparently had too much free time on my hands and so I started a second job!  Back in my youth I worked at Sunglass World in the mall, my brother-in-law manages the Sunglass World out at Pier Park and needed some help just for the summer.  So a few nights a week and a weekend day I'm reliving my youth and selling sunglasses!  I worked my first day on Saturday they were so busy and I'm too short for some of those cases, but I'm surprised how much my old brain remembered from my first go round in the sunglass world.  The extra money will be nice for the upcoming cruise Momma and I are taking.  I can't wait for the dolphin encounter!!!! {squeal of excitement}

On Father's Day I made lunch for my Daddy, brother-in-law, and uncle with Momma's help.  We made Nana's pasta salad, I grilled pineapple marinated chicken skewers with pineapple chunks, and we did some corn on the cob.  Everything turned out great even though some of the chicken got a little crispy they were still edible!  I got Daddy Rock Band 3 so he can annoy Momma!  I know she thanks me!  =)

It's almost that time again, Cake Class!  This week we are filling cupcakes and then decorating them.  Like I said earlier I usually do all things from scratch but since this class is about decorating I'm going easy on myself and using a box mix for the cake.  But these days I'm beginning to wonder why I feel the need to do it from scratch cause there are tons of yummy mixes out there.  I chose for this week the Duncan Hines Triple Chocolate mix with real chocolate chips and fudge!  I'm going to fill them with a white chocolate pudding cool whip mixture.  So here is a quick snap shot of the cupcakes so far!
This is the real fudge and chocolate chips for the top of the cupcakes!
I just love my KitchenAid Mixer!  It makes cake mixes and really anything else so easy!  Look at it go!

Whip it, whip it good!  Sorry couldn't resist!
I never know if I have enough or too much in the cups.  I use a melon baller to fill them it's so much easier than using a spoon or pouring the batter.  2 scoops for cupcakes 1 for mini cupcakes.

Batter in the cups!
The fudge and chocolate chip mixture dropped on the top, yummy!
Real fudge and chocolate chips added to the top!
All done!  They smelled so great, looked good too!
Finished product.  They smelled yummy!
If you have ever been in the kitchen with me you know how messy I am.  I forgot I took off my apron when I sat down to eat dinner and wiped my powder sugared hands on my black skirt.  Oh well it washes out!
Whoops no apron!
Apparently buttercream icing is never the same each time it's made or at least when I make it.  It is supposed to be stiff consistency but I have a feeling it's more like medium.  Which means the medium I made is more like medium-thin to thin, but I guess we'll see tonight in class how it all works out.
Vanilla Buttercream

I'll post more pictures tonight after class if they turn out pretty if not I won't, ha!

Bye y'all!


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