Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Successful Cake Class...If I Do Say So Myself!

Tonight was our second Wilton Cake Decorating Class and this time Momma didn't totally kick our butts! For class we had to show up with a caked iced with buttercream icing that has been smoothed out and in class we put a cupcake on top!  Here's how I did!

We got to pick out any color to make the buttercream so I chose violet; I filled the top of the first layer with icing in preparation for the next layer.

When I got my top layer on it appears my cake pans flare.  So rather than to nice straight cakes I made two trapezoids!  So the mission for the next cake is new cake pans!

Go figure I didn’t make enough icing!  And of course the second batch of icing is more blue than violet.  (Sorry these two are blurry!)

I used an icer tip to ice the cake, it sure makes it faster but I really need more practice.

After smoothing it out with my spatula this is how my cakes usually stay, which is why I prefer cupcakes!  It’s not pretty but it’s edible!

The trick is to let the buttercream set up for a few minutes, I waited about 10 minutes and then use a hot spatula to smooth out the wrinkles.  Then you let it sit some more and take a paper towel, preferablely one without a pattern in it and rub the cake to really smooth it out.

And my finished product!  Turned out much better than last week!  Mostly due to the fact I got my icing consistency correct or at least closer to correct this week.

In class we used a template and traced it onto the wax paper with gel paste.  Then placed the drawing on cake and rubbed it on to leave the template on the cake!

Then we started filling it in.  I personally think these look like yellow caterpillars or grubs but it's ok.

To make the icing on the cupcake colorful we took a pastry bag and painted strips with icing gel, I think this technique is called bag stripping.  In order to keep the lines intact you squeeze the icing into the stripped bag from another bag.  The design on the top is a rosette or it's supposed to be.

We did rosettes around the bottom and ta-da it's done!  And looks pretty awesome if I say so myself. {grin}

 Momma (top) and Amy (bottom) didn't do too bad either!  I'm proud of all of us!

 The last thing we did in class was the ribbon roses.  My icing was too stiff so they weren't coming out exactly smooth but for my first attempt it looks pretty good!

Tomorrow is the big day!  I host my Bunko group around the pool at Momma and Daddy's!  I hope my super hostess powers are at full strength!  I guess we'll see what happens, I'll let you know tomorrow!

Bye y'all!



Very Pretty! =)

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