Monday, June 13, 2011

Stroke of Genius…Fades Quickly!

I had a fabulous stroke of genius yesterday!  I decided to ½ my margarita cupcake recipe and make 24 rather than 48 mini ones.  I figure who really needs 96 mini cupcakes to feed 12 ladies, they are mini but still the 70 I have will be plenty!  Well in the middle of that stroke of genius Momma and I went out to Pier Park to look for some dresses for the up and coming cruise.  Now here is where it fades, we finish shopping and head over to Pretzel Time for a snack.  We eat, leave, and drive the 30 minutes home and then I realize I left my bag in Pretzel Time.  So we have to drive all the way back out there, in the mean time I’m trying to use Google to find their number to make sure they have the bag and end up calling 411 and the girl takes the info of what I am looking for then mumbles something and I guess muted the phone after a few minutes of silence I’m telling Momma I have no clue what she is doing and phones is silent, she pops back on the line with an attitude to tell me her computer is not working and she will transfer me to a supervisor, whom never answers the phone.   Luckily I was also using Momma’s phone and found the phone number and they still had my bag!  Whew crisis adverted!  Now back to the original stroke of genius, thank goodness for Google because me and fractions don’t mesh well and I found a great website to use to help when splitting a recipe.  Here it is and you’re welcome! 
We had dinner at Amy and John’s last night and after dinner Amy got out a Wacky Duckie game for the kids to play.  It wasn’t working right and John was trying to fix it, Andrew (3 yr) decided he wanted to sit in a chair at the new pub table they have.  While no one was looking or at least the thought he jumped up and down in the seat.  I got on to him and told him he would have to get down if he did that again.  It wasn’t but a few seconds and he was moving around again, I asked him what I had told him about moving around and he finally repeated what I said he said he wouldn’t do it again and I asked him if he was sure and he said “he wasn’t sure if he would not move in the chair again” and some other stuff I think about not getting down but I didn’t hear it because I was laughing to hard.  He says some of the funniest things!

Bye y'all!


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