Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Still Alive continued from earlier!

The Wilton Cake Decorating class went good tonight.  Besides filling the cupcakes we decorated them with flowers and a swirly thing.  This week my stiff consistency buttercream icing was too thin, surprise, surprise, I swear I make it the same each week but it comes out different each time!   

So the pictures aren't so great this time I had to use my phone because my big camera's (or the one I'm borrowing from Momma) battery is dead!  We did 2 cupcakes for each flower I'll save you the trouble of seeing the bad one and only share the good one!

Shaggy Mum
You make this one using the Wilton tip 233 there are leaves under the "petals" but you can't really see them.
This one turned out the best I think.  You use the Wilton tip 12 for the middle you can't see then 16 for the middle you can see, then 18 for the outside petals.  I hope who ever eats this one likes lots of icing!

Swirl Drop Flower
We actually made these first and let them set up on some wax paper before placing them on the cupcake.  I was out of green icing at this point so no leaves, sorry!  You use a Wilton tip 2D to make these.

Swirl 1

Swirl 2
I don't remember what tip we used for these two but it was pretty cool who we got the two colors on the cupcake.  You take 3 pastry bags (disposable is best), fill one bag with one color with no tip, fill the second with the other color with no tip, and the third bag you cut and fit with the tip.  Layer the two bags with the icing in them and cut holes in the end that way they are even.  Slide them into the third bag making sure they go into the tip evenly.  Squeeze the bags until both icings are coming out even, then swirl them on top of the cupcake.  Pretty cool trick!
I'm still not great at roses but this time we used Hersey kisses in the middle rather than use the icing to make a center, that seemed to work better.  I really need to practice!  More importantly I need the icing to be correct!

Next weeks class is the last one for class 1 the basics.  We have to make a two tiered cake and decorate it with roses.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Just a little teaser!
White Chocolate Pudding filling inside triple chocolate cupcakes!  Can you see the fudge in the bottom right corner?!?  I might be a bit biased but these were darn yummy!
Now on other notes!

Domestic Diva Teresa ( made some of the most awesome honey grit face/body scrub!  I used some this morning and my face felt amazing when I got done!  She has the recipe posted on her site, it's so worth it!

I wish I could figure out who to contact at the Hallmark Channel they have moved my Golden Girls from 10pm to 11pm so they can show an hour of Frasier.  Really who likes Frasier anyways!  I could put in one of my Golden Girl DVD's but it's just easier to watch the TV!  I guess I'll get off here so I can watch them now that they are on!

Bye y'all!



The pink & yellow cupcake was lip smack'n yummy!! You've got this thing down pat GF!! signed~Your ever expanding friend~ LOL


Stacy, I think we used tip 1M to do the swirled cupcakes.



Amy I think you are right!

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